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Atlantic Investment Capital’s competitive conventional loans can help you finance your investment commercial real estate properties faster than your typical bank.

Who We Are

Atlantic Investment Capital is a source for commercial real estate funding nationwide. We provide long-term commercial real estate loans for investment properties and owner-occupied companies. We offer customized conventional portfolio loan programs. We are commercial lending specialists and will help you through the loan process, providing services for your convenience including in-house underwriting, pipeline status reports, and unmatched customer service.

Our lending philosophy includes a common-sense assessment of each transaction’s unique characteristics.

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Non-Recourse Permanent Loan Programs

Get started with the right loan to give you maximum returns.

Standard & Fast-Closing Bridge Loan Programs

We offer flexible Bridge Loans that will work for your borrowing needs.

How We Compare to Traditional Banks

Atlantic Investment Capital offers competitive rates, competitive monthly payments, longer terms, and less money down to maximize your investment dollars.

Value Type ($)

Traditional Bank

Atlantic Investment Capital

AIC Advantages

Purchase Price



All Property Types Financed

Loan Amount



No Loan Amount Limits

Loan to Value



Higher Loan Amount

Down Payment



Lower Down Payment


15 Years

30 Years

Lower Amortization

Monthly Payment



Lower Monthly Payment

Guarantee Requirements

Personal Guarantee Required

No Personal Guarantee

No Personal Guarantee

How We Compare to Traditional Banks

Atlantic Investment Capital offers competitive rates, competitive monthly payments, longer terms, and less money down to maximize your investment dollars.

Traditional Bank

Purchase Price: $5,000,000

Loan Amount: $3,750,000

Loan to Value: 75%

Down Payment: $1,250,000

Amortization: 15 years

Monthly Payment: $29, 655

Guarantee Requirements: Personal guarantee required

Atlantic Investment

Purchase Price: $5,000,000

Loan Amount: $4,000,000

Loan to Value: 80%

Down Payment: $1,000,000

Amortization: 30 years

Monthly Payment: $21,473

Guarantee Requirements: No personal guarantee

AIC Advantages

Purchase Price: All property types financed

Loan Amount: No loan amount limits

Loan to Value: Higher loan amount

Down Payment: Lower down payment

Amortization: Lower amortization

Monthly Payment: Lower monthly payment

Guarantee Requirements: No personal guarantee

Why Choose Atlantic Investment Capital

Our primary focus is to provide our clients with an efficient and extremely valuable lending experience, while also fostering long-term business relationships.

Two Decades of Commercial Lending Experience

With more than two decades of commercial lending experience, we stay on top of the capital markets to offer our clients a borrowing experience that is second to none.


Strong Roots in Community Banking

We are not a typical conservative bank; we have strong roots in community banking and understand the financing needs that commercial real estate investors and business owners have.

Dedicated to Meeting Your Borrowing Needs

As a leader in the real estate industry, we are dedicated to providing products and services that meet our client’s borrowing needs. We have structured our investment loan programs to finance up to 90% of total costs on “value add” projects and typically 80% or more loan-to-value on stabilized opportunities.


Flexible & accessible loan programs

We pride ourselves in offering programs that allow business owners to borrow up to 90% of their real estate project’s total cost. We offer them options for fixed rates and floating rates with loan terms spanning up to 35 years without balloon payments and, in some cases, “full term” interest-only payments.


Leverage over 80% of stabilized asset value


Leverage up to 90% of "Value Add" project costs


Leverage transactions with as little as 10% down

What will you use your loan for?

Take a look at these properties funded by Atlantic Investment Capital. 

192 Unit Multifamily - South Texas

44 Unit Multifamily - Bloomington, IL

188 Unit Multifamily - Atlanta, GA

230 Unit Multifamily - Sherman, TX

242 Unit Multifamily - Atlanta, GA

112 Unit Multifamily - Charleston, SC

54 Unit Multifamily - Lubbock, TX

50 Unit Multifamily - Madison, TN

474 Unit Multifamily - Charlotte, NC

176 Unit Multifamily - Greensboro, NC

106 Unit Multifamily - Riverdale, GA

8 Unit Multifamily - Orlando, FL

We Value Our Clients & Partners

We are fully committed to providing world-class service to our family of investors.

Referral Partner Relations

As a mortgage broker or loan office, Atlantic fully appreciates the added value you deliver to your client relationships and we are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and world-class customer service. Clients and partners are always protected with Atlantic Investment Capital.

Our Commitment to You

Atlantic understands the demands of borrowers and will work diligently with you to deliver a quick approval that meets the client’s needs. We also remain dedicated to keeping our clients and partners informed and aware of recent activities and developments in the marketplace.



Get a loan response within 48 hours of submission & quick closing in as little as 5 business days after receipt of all 3rd party reports.



Receive access to quarterly marketing & specials; regular emails detailing market alerts, updates, & events; plus, a dedicated brokers’ toll-free line for priority support.



With the portfolio loan program, we’ll have quick access to the loan request, deliver a variety of flexible loan terms, and get your loan funded.